Canon T6 bundle buying guide

The Canon T6 camera is a great camera for breathtaking images and is equipped with advanced Canon technologies for the ultimate shooting experience. Moreover, the Canon T6 has various accessories that make the shooting experience even better. So, when you want to buy the Canon T6, you may wonder if buying the Canon Rebel T6 bundle is better than buying the accessories separately.

Canon Rebel T6 bundle

What makes up the Canon T6 Bundle?

When you buy the Canon T6 bundle, you get not only the camera but a collection of accessories that are tailor-made for the camera to give you a breathtaking imaging experience. These accessories include lenses, extra batteries, remote control shutter, external flash, memory card, tripod, battery charger, screen protector, camera strap, cleaning supplies, camera bag etc.

A quick look at some of the accessories


Canon T6 lenses

Getting extra lenses for the Canon T6 provides you with a wider focal range which gives you the flexibility that you would require for your photography. After all, getting the right lens is as crucial to your photography experience as getting the right camera.

Extra batteries

Having extra batteries in the T6 bundle will allow you the freedom to shoot for as long as you want without worry. That way, you can do your thing whether on a trip, adventure or on just any other normal day.

External flash

The Canon T6 comes with an inbuilt flash, but the external flash gives you a powerful light source when shooting at night, especially videos.

Remote control shutter

Having this accessory as part of your bundle means you can trigger the camera shutter remotely and be part of the picture when you’re the one taking it.

Which is worth it?

Getting the Canon T6 bundle is definitely worth it than buying the accessories separately because the bundle allows you to save money on the accessories you would have bought separately. Moreover, when purchasing the bundle, you can browse various bundle deals that include the list of accessories that you want.