GoPro Karma Drone Review 2018

Initially, the GoPro powered drone was subject to many flaws a good example being battery failure causing them to fall from the sky during coverage. Well, this is no longer the case with the most recent arrival in the market. Unlike before there is a lot of improvement on the initial product thus tabling video stabilization when on air and ground. As at now, the GoPro karma is convincingly more than just a drone. In fact, this is what you have been waiting to see in a quad.

GoPro karma drone

Design of the Drone

Primarily the GoPro karma is made of plastic despite its tough feel and nature. It is also a foldable drone measuring approximately 14.5*9*3.5 inches. Contrary to many common quads, it is a sturdier one and can withstand scuffs during landings on unscathed lands. Assuming it encounters a crash then it is effortless to repair. You could remove the limbs with just a screwdriver. Moreover, you can also replace the camera and stabilizer more easily. The advantageous design is that the camera is located on the nose compared to other quads where it is usually underneath the fuselages. When intending to use it on ordinary shots, you can opt to push and pull the simple clamp and often access the camera. A 5-inch touch screen is an added pro.

Performance of the GoPro karma

As a quadcopter, the GoPro is sincerely a flight on its own. Imagine it got an automated take-off and landing ability. Well, this is not all about it since it uses simple two-stick control and GPS sensors. In case the battery is depleted, or the signal between it and the controller is wavering then it is a guarantee that it will return home. Ideally, its battery can last for up to four hours and quickly responds to user-initiated commands.


For in those in the know they will tell that drones are ideally expensive. However, the GoPro karma price tag is around $1000. To enhance your captures, you need to get yourself a perfect camera and a battery that can sustain it for significant minutes.