Why I love the Nikon D3500 bundle

When it comes to photography, you need to pick something good that can be able to improve the quality OF shots you make. This will not only help you attain your long term dream but also help your customer to trust you. The Nikon D3500 Bundle can be perfect for anyone who is learning about photography.

Features OF Nikon D3500 bundle

Upgraded APS-C sensor

As much as this Nikon is good for a beginner, it’s important to note that it is designed in such a way that its APS-C sensor is 24.2-megapixel. This improves the quality if your pictures. It also offers a perfect 5fps- continuous speed that can allow you to capture videos in motion.

AF-P 18-55mm lens

best Nikon D3500 lens

Whenever you are taking any pictures, you will need some features like in-body stabilization. This can help to reduce any form of motion interruption. Nikon does not include such feature but with the right kind of Nikon D3500 lens, you will discover that it has Vibration Reduction System to perform the same task.

Build in Bluetooth

Shearing media can be very important for it can allow you to transfer your media from one place to the other. Due to this kind of demand, you can benefit from D3500 DSLR  because of the inbuilt Bluetooth. Share all your media and store them somewhere safe for feature reference

Full HD videos

Do not rely much on 4K video capability while you can make use of this camera to provide you similar HD videos. You can shoot video with 1920*1080 at 60/50fps. This ensures that you have images that are clear and without blur.

EXPEED-image processing system

Sometimes controlling colors, speed, and quality of the images you capture may be problematic. But Nikon has upgraded this camera to make this possible. The battery life is also extended and you can capture 1550 shots with one single charge.

Nikon D3500 lens bundle

These are the benefit of getting the D3500 bundle, it is what make this camera the best choice for so many people around the world. You can also buy yours today for it will make life to be simpler for you.